System Overview

Proactive Brokerage System addresses the need to implement a complete integrated system that optimizes current business processes and provide a single integrated solution that covers all the aspects of the Stock Brokerage industry.

The system spans all areas of Brokerage operations and management, including, but not limited to, back office management, ordering management, customer accounting, general accounting, branches management and control, accounts managers, on line trading system, commissions builder, risk management, archiving system, auditing system, invoicing, risk management & control, FIX client gateway integration. In addition, the solution will help you operate business efficiently in a process controlled environment and support all employees to provide customers with high standards of customer services.

Moreover, the solution is equipped with enough tools to support top management in planning and decision making to achieve short & long terms business objectives. You will utilize the solution as a reliable back end to expand globally and develop new market segments in different areas.

The solution will help you improve data entry efficiency, streamline business processes, eliminate backlogs, enable instant customer accounts management, optimize the ordering management processes, optimize on line trading availability, reduce operational costs, optimize ROl and increase customer satisfaction.


Business Functions Summary

  • Customer database and document archiving including customer signature.
  • Ordering Management System supported with FIX client gateway to the stock exchange
  • Customer Accounting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Security System
  • Advanced Auditing System
  • On Line Trading System
  • Advanced Trading System from Proactive Streamer
  • General Accounting System with multi-company, multi-cost centers capabilities.

Technical Functions Summary

  • Supports hot standby database functions
  • Supports Disaster Recovery Sites
  • Supports working through application servers
  • Supports Replication Servers
  • Supports data encryptions
  • Supports Digital Signatures
  • Supports stock quotes price streaming
  • Integrated with MUBASHER PRO
  • Integrated with Proactive HR system
  • Integrated with Proactive CRM
  • Integrated with Proactive BI
  • Supports remote management and control
  • Supports English/Arabic Languages
  • Integrates with Banking Systems
  • Integrated with Bulk Messaging Systems
  • Integrated with EGID database if applicable

System Characteristics

Customer Database

  • Customer personal data
  • Customer Financial data
  • Assigning customer to branch
  • Assigning customers to account managers
  • Black listed customers list
  • Storing customer signature & other official documents.

Ordering Management System (OMS)

  • Issue of sell orders with automatic validation to customer balance
  • Issue of Buy Orders with automatic validation to customer cash balance
  • Automatic calculation of special customer commissions
  • Real time monitoring of orders execution
  • Orders detailed Log


  • Automatic entry of daily executions
  • Automatic identification of new customers
  • Automatic link of executions to orders
  • Automatic creation of invoices

Customer Accounts

  • Cash & checks Register
  • Registry Log
  • Special handling for branches

Security & Access Control

  • Each BO user has access rights assigned by administrator
  • Each OLT client has a user name and password along with the option of having extra security using PSM or tokens.

Online Trading System

  • Accepting Orders 24/7
  • Full integration with our OMS & Back Office
  • Instant orders confirmation
  • Instant access to orders status
  • Instant access to account statements not limited to current fiscal year.
  • Instant access to orders history not limited to current fiscal year.
  • Instant access to Gain & Loss Report
  • Instant access to investor portfolio
  • Real Time Market Access
  • Conditional Orders, Triggers & Rules
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Price Watch Screen, Proactive Streamer
  • Advanced e-Trade through Proactive Streamer

Auditing System

  • Each login trial failed or succeeded is logged
  • Transactions occurs like editing values, deleting records, viewing or printing sensitive documents like customer accounts statements are all logged.
  • You can simply give access rights and monitoring these rights for extra security and auditing purposes

FIX Client Gateway

  • Sending and receiving FIX protocols for communication with the stock exchange and other financial institutions

SMS Gateway

  • Instant orders execution SMS to customers