Proactivesoft offers a full range of implementation services designed to help your organization optimize systems performance and maximize your return on investment Implementing a new technology solution can be a complex and high-risk task. Whether you are deploying our solutions, or adding new capabilities to your existing one, our experienced team of engineers can help ensure optimal integration with your current environment while mitigating risk and managing the impact to your operations environment.

Service Portfolio

  • Project planning
  • Solution architecture and technical oversight
  • Requirements gathering
  • System configuration
  • Installation and acceptance testing
  • Data migration services
  • Technical training
  • Product optimization
  • Process engineering services
  • Integration consulting and testing

Our Approach

We employ a disciplined project management approach and will communicate with you and guide you through the necessary steps of action leading to a successful go-live. Our project manager will map out details, set timetables and define work assignments, collaborating with your staff to identify and take the steps necessary to achieve the desired go-live results. Standardized planning and reporting tools and an array of training options are all built into the plan to capture potential issues early on and insure readiness.

Solutions Architect

We recognize that there are unique business needs and processes that may require extensions and added functionality to a core Proactivesoft software systems to help a new customer operate effectively. In such an instance, a technical lead will be assigned to your implementation team to manage this effort. Managing your specific software development project, this team member will define the development requirements and our engineering solution, manage the developer efforts and insure successful integration of the new functionality or external services interface within the existing Proactivesoft product code base.

Our trainers meet the relevant competency standards and system requirements. The training needs of trainers arising from their roles to be identified. Trainers are provided with accurate advice and ongoing support in their roles. Procedures to facilitate networking amongst trainers will be established.

Employee/Trainee Assessment

  • Diagnosing performance
  • Classifying an employee
  • Confirming an employee's competency
  • Awarding a qualification or statement of attainment
  • Confirming progress in learning
  • Recognition of current competency/recognition of prior learning

Purpose of Training

  • Identifying system requirements
  • System usage and application
  • Applying business process and cycle
  • Professional development requirements
  • Adopting system requirements
  • System acknowledgement
  • Induction of new techniques
  • Productivity improvement
  • Competency acquisition
  • Competency maintenance
  • Access and security considerations


  • Purposes of training and assessment
  • Human resource management issues
  • What and who is to be trained and assessed
  • Timing of training and assessments
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Recognition of current competencies/prior learning
  • Evaluation

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Conduct of regular internal and external reviews (person(s) being assessed/trained, peer, self, and supervisor)
  • Professional development of participants
  • Sampling and evaluation of implementation of competencies
  • Assessment of the assessors'/trainers' competencies
  • Modifications of the competency system based on evaluation and reviews

Training Classes

Our training site is located in Cairo, Egypt. We also provide site training. The cost of training is presented within the financial offer.

Our unique approach to maintenance and support provides efficient and quick support and promotes continuous improvement for our clients. We will not just focus on resolving technical support problems, but take a proactive role in preventing your system from encountering potential problems. System performance reviews are conducting annually to help you get the most out of your investment.

Types Of Support

  • Internet Technical Support - support provided by experts in FMIS. Support will be provided through emails, forums, messenger (voice, instant massages), and our web site. Our experienced engineers will provide you with their remote diagnostics, updates and upgrades whenever it is necessary to have the system runs smoothly at your convenient.
  • Help Desk - our CRM provides you and/or your staff access to all customer service requests via a web browser interface. A powerful knowledge base and FAQ responds to customer's emails (if configured to) automatically, saving you time and money.
  • Periodic Updates – Bimonthly updates would be provided at your convenience.
  • Preventive Maintenance Program - A Weekly review of system operations pinpoints potential problems before they occur. The review includes checks on system performance, updates, receiving system logs, etc… This is an invaluable service that has saved clients substantial time, money and aggravation.
  • Annual On-Site Performance Review - Our system experts will visit your facility to evaluate system and user performance and determine more effective ways to utilize system functionality to meet your growing demands.
  • Research and Development - Our development team is constantly working to improve our solution to meet the future needs of our clients while maintaining its ease of use and supportability.
  • Free Upgrades to Future Releases - The most advanced technology is incorporated into annual releases. These upgrades will help prepare your operations for the future. It is our recommendation that our clients upgrade every 2-3 years to keep their operations up-to-date with the latest technology which will help protect their initial investment.
  • Users' Group Membership - Our clients have the opportunity to learn and network in a fun and casual environment among system experts, administrators and project managers.