System Overview

Proactive Lease MIS supports management in handling the complex leasing processes for different tenants’ requirements and to follow up operations and confirms compliance to contracted financial and liability terms.

System Objectives

  • Automate the mall leasing operations process
  • Provide a real-time electronic map for the mall that allows the access to each property commercial details
  • Provide automatic billing based on contracts.
  • Provide detailed commercial history to support future lease pricing.
  • Handle all tenants accounting cycle.

System Features

Mall Interactive MAP

  • Main interface is map of Dandy with all phases on all floors zoom in out possibility.
  • different colors for vacant /occupied and different functions (F&B /fashion …etc.)
  • store names and size to appear on map.

Lease Contracting

  • New Lease Contracts
  • Renew of a valid contract
  • Cancellation of a contract
  • shop number
  • commercial name
  • tenant name
  • area of store
  • function
  • date of start
  • date of termination
  • rental price in USD and LE per meter per month
  • FX rate
  • maintenance and marketing fees
  • inflation
  • turnover %
  • grace period
  • history of earlier leases
  • store state (furnished/ core and shell)
  • special conditions

Customer Accounting

  • deposit
  • down payment
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Collections

Analytical Reports

  • stores by zones
  • stores by function
  • stores by area
  • stores by contract duration and dates
  • stores by price range in USD and LE
  • turnover stores
  • vacant and occupied stores
  • vacant stores by condition (finished /core and shell)
  • stores with discounts
  • compliance reports (insurance /windows/ maintenance……….)
  • Accounting reports (aging, turnover, discounts, average/meter/function)