System Overview

Provides Management with an integrated system that electronically manages and controls their fleet.

Provides all levels of concerned management with the computer based information system CBIS that has become an essential tool that supports decision making.

Provides the middle management with the required subsystems and reports that help the supervising and auditing.

Implements all levels of security for the purposes of monitoring all activities throughout the area of influence of the organization, preventing the loss of company assets and, ensuring the maximum utilization and performance of these assets.

In conclusion, the application intends to help you spend more time in monitoring performance and less time in operation.

System Objectives

The application objectives are maximizing uptime, minimizing maintenance cost, extend useful asset life and improve operational efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Maintaining Equipment Information
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Fuel Purchasing
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM Schedule - PM Analysis information - Usage Variance)
  • Repairs (Repair information - vendor information)
  • Oil Consumption (Equipment Oil Usage - Entering Oil Usage)
  • Supporting Fleet/Equipment Information
  • Security System
  • Optional Networking
  • FMISDoes a superb job with motor vehicles, And it works just as well with just about any other type of equipment. You will appreciate the ability to describe your equipment in detail.

System Features

Keeps records of all your fleet basic information like year, make, model, VIN, Mileage, purchase information, registration data, own company, depreciation methods and other related retails needed for keeping reliable records of your fleet.

Maximizing your resources, reduce downtime and increase efficiency by scheduling routine & non-routine preventative maintenance by time and kilometer.

Our application helps you identify potential breakdowns and prevent equipment failure that negatively impacts your business performance and profit.

Interactive Monitoring by kilometer and days to required maintenance, fuel and oil consumption, tire depth, issued spare parts.

The application provides a complete repair history for each vehicle including spare parts and labour. It also provides management with detailed and summarized financial reports for each account, department or branch.

The application tracks fuel and oil consumption performance. Fuel per km/hour and oil per km/hour reports can help in pinpointing potential problems.

Detailed tracking of tires purchase date, original cost, change history and tire depth. Tires can be identified by its position on vehicle.

The application is integrated with a full inventory control system that handles spare parts. The system issues PO's, tracks cost of materials used in maintenance.

The application tracks KM driven through job orders. Job orders are created by the system for any vehicle movement for accomplishing tasks related to business or sending it for repair or maintenance.

Fleet Inventory

The fleet inventory module contains all necessary information you will ever need. Information include each vehicle model, make, type, colour, VIN, cassette number, engine number, licence information, technical specifications, pictures, insurance info., depreciation info., current location, current KM reading, status, physical static inspection and many other related information.

Each vehicle is allocated by default to company – branch with the possibility to be allocated to a multi-level environment (ex: accounts, departments, drivers..)

The vehicle inventory module keeps track of licenses renewal dates and cost information for the purpose of reducing downtime due to expired licenses.

The system also keeps record of the depreciation methods and amounts allocated for each vehicle with the ability to redistributes the depreciation to cost centers if any.

Work Orders System

We have the most easy to use and comprehensive Work Order system in the industry. The Work Order module gives you the power to control both "operation work" and "service and repair work" giving you access to the real-time data you need to make your day-to-day decisions. You gain instant access to your fleet information whether the vehicle in garage, operation, maintenance or repair.

Fleet Maintenance Management

With the Fleet Maintenance Management System you can keep a solid car history, apply a preventative maintenance plan, and keep track of all spare parts and labour cost spent for each individual vehicle.

Requests for maintenance would be sent automatically for the fleet controller and to the branch manager to request the car for maintenance. This alert will be kept active until the maintenance is done for the car.

All services needed for the maintenance are selected for each car model and scheduled by time and Km whichever comes first will call the car for maintenance.

You can always schedule PM. By obtain a detailed report for the expected preventative maintenance for all cars or a single car, where it shows the overdue or expected scheduled services. It also shows the last date of the service made.

Follow up the PM has never been easier for the fleet controller and the workshop personnel to provide the high level of support & services required for the company's fleet to run free of mechanical and electrical periodic problems.

The system also records and traces all unexpected repairs with its cost and alerts the workshop of any due services for cars under repair so the maintenance could be done in the same time to avoid repetitive call for the vehicle and waste the company's resources.

One of the important issues of the installed spare parts tracking is the tyres. The system records every single tyre with its serial, depth, load and traction ratings. With the fleet controller ability to have such information, he/she can identify the change or misuse of tyres.

This system is also integrated with a stock control sub-system that provides total control of spare parts in your workshop store. All systems are working in real-time, which mean that all these transactions are monitored and linked to the accounting general ledger.

System Interface

The application has an easy two standard languages interface, Arabic and English so users can use any language when they login.

LAN & WAN Solutions

As it is very essential to the system to be integrated, it was designed to handle a huge amount of operations. It could be used in a local area network or a wide area network to connect all company branches to the head office to ensure the availability of information at all times

We can use all types of communications starting from the dial-up to the leased lines in order to provide your organization with the most reliable, economic, however effective solutions that tally with your needs.

Internet Enabled

The system is also Internet enabled in case you may think of expanding your information base to a new horizon.