Main Functions

Customer Database

  • Customer personal data
  • Customer Financial data
  • Assigning customer to branch
  • Assigning customers to account managers
  • Black listed customers list
  • Storing customer signature & other official documents.


  • Automatic entry of daily executions
  • Automatic identification of new customers
  • Automatic link of executions to orders
  • Automatic creation of invoices

Customer Accounts

  • Cash & checks Register
  • Registry Log
  • Special handling for branches

Security & Access Control

  • Each BO user has access rights assigned by administrator
  • Each OLT client has a user name and password along with the option of having extra security using PSM or tokens.

Auditing System

  • Each login trial failed or succeeded is logged
  • Transactions occurs like editing values, deleting records, viewing or printing sensitive documents like customer accounts statements are all logged.
  • You can simply give access rights and monitoring these rights for extra security and auditing purposes

FIX Client Gateway

  • Sending and receiving FIX protocols for communication with the stock exchange and other financial institutions

SMS Gateway

  • Instant orders execution SMS to customers