System Overview

The management of spare parts is very important because of functional and economic reasons. In order to have a good level of availability of spare parts, it is necessary to have a stock level of spare parts. On the other hand, the efficacy and efficiency of maintenance policies depend on the ability to optimize the management of such supplies. Moreover, effective stock life cycle represents for a company an elevated voice of profit.

The aim of Proactive Spare Parts Management System is to determine the optimal spare parts volume so to minimize the operating costs and of the lost sales costs for unavailability. The system provides different parallel classification criteria of spare parts by means of opportune Criticality Analysis. According to an appropriate setup, spare parts are divided in a series of classes corresponding to different management policies.

Using the system automatic ordering function, your organization will have a solid system that prevent a huge percentages of dead stock, increases your service level percentage and allows your investments to grow by shortening the life cycles, therefore increases the number of cycles within your fiscal year.

System Features


  • Ability to create many stores in the same location or in multiple locations
  • Ability to create unlimited stores transaction types & link it to invoice type or without invoice
  • Ability to link stores transaction types to split invoice types
  • Ability to create unlimited measuring units with convert factor to any unit
  • Ability to create store related location numbers

Items Information

  • Multi-entity capabilities: Up to 9 levels of search and inquiry: Type , Group, category, sub-category, brand, business unit, etc..
  • Ability to define part number: Alphanumeric, numeric, alphabetic
  • Ability to link to one or multiple companies, branches and warehouses
  • Quantity on hand by branch and warehouse and store location
  • Ability to link to one or multiple suppliers with related costs
  • Equivalent/replacement items capabilities. Ability to have quantity on hand for each equivalent part
  • Superseded/superseded by capabilities. Ability to have quantity on hand for each supersession part
  • Multi-packaging unit capabilities: Possibility to define volume, weight, unit and pack
  • Bar code facility
  • Automatic average cost price calculation for each item
  • Ability for system calculate minimum, maximum and Order Point
  • Ability to reserve Safety Qty for Workshop (Not allowed for direct sales)
  • Ability to attach an image with the item
  • Ability to link the item to more than one store location
  • Ability to link the item to many replacement items (Alternative & Super Session)
  • Ability to upload new items from excel file


  • Ability to upload item sale prices from excel file
  • Ability to define sales price based on multidimensional matrix based on (Item group, PMC, LCF [land cost factor] , profit margin, Safety margin)
  • Ability to create sale prices based on each credit transaction
  • Ability to update sale prices (Increase or Decrease percent) based on any item groups or vendor group
  • Ability to create special price with validity date & link them to customers
  • Flexible selling prices selection and multi-level discounts calculation capabilities


Purchase Order
  • Ability to create many Vendor Groups
  • Ability to create many Vendors & link them to vendor group
  • Ability to create suggested purchase order based on monthly sales , on order , back order , on hand , lost sales , lead time & safety stock time
  • Ability to check back item movement analysis with frequency of sales
  • Ability to create a purchase order from customer request or quotation
  • Ability to import a purchase order items from excel file
  • Ability to follow purchase order status until delivered
Vendor Invoice
  • Ability to create a vendor invoice from multiple purchase orders
  • Ability to import a vendor invoice items from excel file
  • Ability to compare between a vendor invoice & the purchase orders (Qty & Price)
LC Statement
  • Ability to create a LC Statements from vendor invoices
  • Ability to import a vendor invoice items from excel file
  • Ability to enter any expenses with foreign or/and local currency
  • Ability to distribute other expenses, customs & sales taxes on items to get LCF
  • Ability to sell the items before calculating cost


Opening stock
  • By supplier, by group of items
  • Flexible yearly closing and opening
Credit Order
  • Ability to create a credit order from vendor invoice or from Letter of credit
  • Ability to import a credit order items from excel file
  • Ability to compare between the vendor invoice & the credit order (Qty & Price) Back order situation
  • On line quantity and cost update on each order
  • Automatically create journal entries to the General Ledger
Debit Order
  • Ability to create a debit order from Pick Slip or from a quotation
  • Ability to make a multi insert from search screen of items
  • Ability to create a debit order on open Job order
  • Ability to create a debit order for direct sales (counter)
  • Ability to record technician name when making items delivery
  • Automatic recording of lost sales items
  • Ability to hide item sale price in debit order
  • Ability to select items for Warranty , PDI or any defined types
  • Automatically create journal entries to the General Ledger
  • Ability to adjust quantities (Minus or and Plus)
  • On line quantity update and costing
  • On line generated accounting entries
  • Ability to apply make direct transfer
  • Ability to initiate a Transfer request
  • Ability to apply a transfer receipt Approval
  • Showing the status of items in transit between warehouses
Return Order
  • Ability to limit returns from items in related debit order while creating a return order
  • Ability to make a quotation from list price
  • Ability to make a quotation with special prices
  • Ability to time limit quotations
  • Ability to open a JO from valid quotations with its terms
  • Ability to create insurance quotations
Customer Request
  • Ability to record customer requests with expecting delivery date
  • Ability to receive advance payment against customer request
  • Ability to record request that is not serviced
Lost Sales
  • Ability to record lost sales from workshop customer or cash customer
  • Ability to flag serious customer request
Stock Taking / Physical count
  • Ability to select all or one store for stock taking that prevent user to make transactions on selected store
  • Ability to stop users from making transactions during the physical count
  • Ability to load the actual item balance & compare it to the system balance
  • Ability to show the inventory list (items balance) in previous or current date
  • Ability to perform several counts and keep history
  • Ability to prepare physical count by group, with ability to select items to be counted
  • Ability to export data to text /csv file for hand held issue
  • Ability to load physical count data from a text/csv file
  • Print a difference report between physical count and quantity on hand
  • On line adjustment of the difference in a positive or negative transactions
Invoice / Return (Counter)
  • Ability to issue of final invoice after approval of Proforma invoice
  • Ability to print delivery order
  • Flexible selling prices selection and multi-level discounts calculation capabilities
  • Customer collections (Due invoices, partial payments, payment with different currency and type of payment)
  • Issuance of Debit and Credit notes
  • Customer invoice checking for Credit limit
  • Integration with TAX Authorities for Electronic invoices


  • Ability to automatically generate the appropriate ledger posting against warehouse accounts
  • Ability to follow up the WIP either from JVs or front office reports
  • Automatically post JVs distributed to their parallel segments


  • List of items, costs, selling prices
  • Stock item inquiry: previous years transactions, cumulative by year and month, equivalent and superseded data, quantity by warehouse, Branch and total
  • Stock card between two dates by warehouse, branch and total, quantity and values
  • Reorder level report
  • Purchase orders and back orders reports
  • End user fill rate
  • Ending Inventory
  • Compare between Counter Cash Sales & Workshop Sales
  • Warranty Claims
  • Stock Aging & Slow moving parts
  • Stock value reports by warehouse or global
  • Lost sales report
  • Profit reports
  • Transactions reports
  • Item Consumption Rate