CAB Dispatching System

Key Benefits

    Proactive CAB Dispatching System Features

    • On screen monitoring of reservations and drivers assignments.
    • Instant access to frequent caller's location and account info.
    • Instant access to caller's history and upcoming reservations.
    • Flexible customer's info query, search by name, address, or phone number.
    • Minimize reservations' data entry by selecting items from customer's history.
    • Automate reservations' data entry for daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
    • One click to modify reservations data and drivers' assignments.
    • Integrated web reservation and web application options.
    • Various reports including driver's daily worksheet.
    • And many other features.


Purpose of Application

Providing Management with an integrated system that electronically manages and controls their fleet.

Providing all levels of concerned management with the computer based information system CBIS that has become an essential tool that supports decision making.

Providing the middle management with the required subsystems and reports that help the supervising and auditing.

Implementing all levels of security for the purposes of monitoring all activities throughout the area of influence of the organization, preventing the loss of company assets and, ensuring the maximum utilization and performance of these assets.

In conclusion, the application intends to help you spend more time in monitoring performance and less time in operation.


The application objectives are maximizing availability, minimizing operational cost, customer care and improve operational efficiency.

System Interface

The application has an easy two standard languages interface, Arabic and English so users can use any language when they login.

LAN & WAN Solutions

As it is very essential to the system to be integrated, it was designed to handle a huge amount of operations. It could be used in a local area network or a wide area network to connect all company branches to the head office to ensure the availability of information at all times

We can use all types of communications starting from the dial-up to the leased lines in order to provide your organization with the most reliable, economic, however effective solutions that tally with your needs.

Internet Enabled

The system is also Internet enabled in case you may think of expanding your information base to a new horizon.

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