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Proactive ERP systems combine critical business functions like front office, finance, inventory and ordering management, customer communication, sales and marketing, operations management and human resources. One integrated solution that combines many modules that provides detailed and summarized reporting for both middle and top management. Proactive ERP workflow is designed to save time, effort and money by providing organization-wide visibility that spotlights inefficient processes and reveals opportunities for growth.

Proactive ERP Systems focus on business workflow for diversity of industries. Any business workflow is a repeatable process that consists of a series of tasks that generally need to be completed in a specific sequence. Our systems are meant to ensure that important processes are done the right way every time.

Proactive ERP systems are integrated to various financial sectors ensuring the maximum security and integrity of data transfer and business transactions. Our Stock Brokerage System, Ordering Management System and On-line trading systems are integrated with the Egyptian Stock Market (EGX). All transactions between our systems and EGX systems are transferred through FIX protocols which is the international real-time exchange of information related to securities transactions and markets. Proactive ERP is integrated with ETA (Egyptian Tax Authority) where all your invoices and related information are automatically sent to ETA system after approval and related responses from ETA goes into your Proactive ERP for monitoring and effective handling. Proactive ERP provides all our customers the integration features with MCDR and e-Trust digital signature services to improve the efficiency of administration processes, level up the performance of governmental services and increase our systems competitiveness on a global scale.

ِAuto DMS (Automotive Dealers Management System)

Managing and controlling all activities of Service Centres Business, providing all levels of management with the computer based information system CBIS that supports taking the right decision in the right time. The system also provides all other levels of operation with the required subsystems, reports and analysis for the purpose of supervising, auditing and budget all types of expenses. Implementing levels of security for the purpose of monitoring all activities throughout the area of influence of the organization, and preventing the loss of company assets, ensuring the maximum utilization and best performance of these assets. In conclusion, our main purpose is maximizing your PROFIT.

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Transportation TMS (Trucks &heavy Equipment Rental

Proactive Transportation Management System (TMS) addresses the need to implement a complete system that optimize current transportation business processes and provide a single integrated solution that covers all the aspects of the transportation and heavy equipment industry. Proactive Transportation Management System spans all areas of vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment rental and lease management, including, but not limited to, tenders, pricing builder, rental/lease agreements handling, journey management (JM), petty cash management, automatic invoicing,...

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Car Rental and Limousine DMS (Vehicles and Equipments Rental)

Proactive car rental data management system addresses the need to implement a complete system that optimize current business processes and provide a single integrated solution that covers all the aspects of the industry. The system spans all areas of rental and lease management, including, but not limited to, price quotations, reservations, rental/lease agreements handling, invoicing, fleet management & control, customer relationship management, vehicle maintenance and incident management. In addition, the solution will help you to operate business efficiently in a process controlled environment and support all employees to provide customers with high standards of customer services.

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